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This user contributes to the Archivopedia Transcription Project


Get Involved in History by Transcribing Public Documents

If you enjoy reading historical documents and are looking for a project to work on, why not try your hand at transcribing original documents? Your transcriptions could be syndicated on Archivopedia's RSS feed to historians and researchers around the globe. An audio version for the visually impaired will also be syndicated.


  1. Be sure you are a registered user of Archivopedia. If you are not registered, click here to sign up for free. If you are registered, please sign in.
  2. Find an original document to transcribe. To do this, conduct a search for a subject or person you are interested in using Archivopedia's EAD Centralsearch engine. Narrow your search to Photographs (which includes scanned documents), if necessary. (If you are having difficulty locating a document, you can choose from a list of priority transcription request items or choose from a list of resources--both of which can be found below).
  3. Read the Cheatsheet to learn how to edit using Archivopedia.
  4. Read the Transcriber's Guidelines to follow Archivopedia's best practice recommendations for editing, annotating, and citing original materials.
  5. Read an example transcription.
  6. Transcribe the document.
  7. Add a link to the original document to your transcription.
  8. Add your transcription to the Transcriptions Portal. To do this, simply add the following to the bottom of your page: [[Portal:Transcriptions]].Portal:Transcriptions
  9. Copy and paste the Transcriber badge code to your user page: {{User Transcriber}}
  10. Add your transcription to the outgoing Recently Transcribed Items list which will be added to an RSS feed to publish the availability of your transcription to historians and others interested in your document.

Priority Items: Requests for Transcription

In the table below, add a link to the item you wish to be transcribed with a link to the item, your request date, and your due date. Add a link to your user page so when the item is transcribed, the transcriber can send you an email or leave a message on your page to indicate you have helped with transcriptions. If you would like, start a section on your user page, linking to all of the documents you have helped transcribe.

Request date Due date Requested document User making request Completion date Completed by
12/27/07 12/27/08 Will of William Wordsworth User:Shannon Bohle n/a n/a

Some Sources of Original Documents Online:

List of Transcribed Documents


Research Guide

AddThis Bookmark

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