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Searchable EAD finding aid transmitted via RSS

This is appears to be the first EAD finding aid sample/template to be transmitted via RSS:

Sample EAD finding aid for RSS (may not be copied, altered, re-written or re-transmitted without written permission from Shannon Bohle)

  • The finding aid is searchable.


This may be the first EAD finding aid sample/template for a wiki that is also an RSS document.

Each RSS can be linked to a wiki finding aid page describing collections its relevant subject area on the Collections Link page. Say, for example, the sample finding aid were a new finding aid for a Biology collection, the top link could say "Biology Collection" and point to the Collections Link: Biology page. The links below it would point to the actual EAD collection level finding aid and/or series level finding aids related to the subject of biology.

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This template may not be copied, rewritten, or redistributed without the written permission of Shannon Bohle.

Wiki RSS Reader:

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