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Why References Are Important

Archivopedia is an open access and collaborative resource. To help insure the accuracy of information in the encyclopedia, it is essential to cite sources of information when contributing to articles.

Quoting and Paraphrasing

It is essential that both quoted and paraphrased material contain appropriate citations to avoid plagiarism. When quoting, quote exactly. Use block quotes sparingly, and only when more than three sentences are quoted. When quoting and paraphrasing, place a reference at the end of the sentence(s) following the quote or paraphrased idea or concept.

Citation Style

The official citation style format for citing references in Archivopedia is the Chicago Manual of Style. Individuals may consult this online resource, or a search in Open WorldCat may automatically provide the correct citation which can be copied and pasted into the entry. Members who are familiar with the Chicago style guide are encouraged to modify mistaken or incomplete citations to preserve consistency throughout the encyclopedia.

Edit Wars

A word to the wise for those unfamiliar with wiki contributions--other members are much less likely to change your contribution if it is concise, accurate, non-controversial, and well referenced.

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