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Biographies of Notable Archivists and Librarians


  • Plagiarism and copyright violations are not acceptable. See the plagiarism policy and the

fair use policy.

  • Use Last Name, First Name format for all entries. To avoid ambiguity, use the authorized name from the

Library of Congress Name Authority Files (LCNAF) database whenever possible.

  • Pages should include a bibliography of the author's primary works in The Chicago Manual of Style format.

Nominate a Colleague / Suggest an Individual

This list is not all-inclusive.

To suggest an addition to this list, please email: admin1[@] Use "Suggest New Person" in the subject line. This list is protected from changes due to the nature of the collected information and because the authorized form of the name according to the LCNAF (when available) must be used and because multiple page redirects may be required. Only individuals who have substantial or significant publication histories, hold state or national positions, are recognized as distinguished fellows by their country's national archival organization, are the head or director of an archives and/or library, or are listed in a published book of professional recognition such as a biographical dictionary, a Marquis' Who's Who publication, etc., are eligible for inclusion. The privacy of those nominating individuals is maintained.

Living Persons Who Contribute Their Own Biographical Statement

All living persons who contribute their biographical statement may have that biography locked as the official biography, to prevent future editing. To allow collaboration, a link to a biographical discussion ("ALT") page will be added to that page. The ALT page will begin as a mirror page to the original biography but will be open to editing and discussion by all members. (Commentary to this policy may be placed on the discussion page).

Individuals wishing to contribute their own biographical statement directly should sign and date the entry followed by sending an email to admin1[@] in order to have that page locked. Alternately, biographical statements in Word format may be submitted by email to be posted anonymously by Admin1 and either locked or not locked to set the status allowing others' editing.

Adding pages

Any professional and credentialed archivist, records manager, librarian, historian, or museum curator may publish their own personal biographical statement to the encyclopedia by creating a new page using the LCNAF or last name, first name criteria. However, individuals must meet the "notable" criteria to be listed on this particular page.

Search the Library of Congress Name Authority Files (LCNAF) Database

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