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Archivopedia is Your Gateway to Primary Source Materials Image:Spyglass.jpg

  • Archivopedia's wiki encyclopedia is open to collaborators who wish to write, edit, and create articles about primary source materials.
  • Use this wiki to learn terms and read about important individuals who have helped define the field of archival science and related disciplines like library science, records management, and museology. Learn more about what is going on in these fields and participate in building a collaborative encyclopedia of resources, tools, and trends relating to primary source materials. Create subject guides and links to online digital collections. Find out how people working with primary source materials are portrayed in the media, and what news and issues affect archivists, librarians, records managers, and museum professionals. Keep up with the latest trends in technology. Assist in the transcription of historic documents.
  • Archivopedia offers two experimental search systems for its users. The folksonomy search can be used to search the wiki based on user-defined social tags. It is up to users of the encyclopedia to tag the pages with bookmarks to help create the tag base. AddThis tag buttons are found at the end of all articles. (Read more about how to participate in the project on the Archivopedia Folksonomy page). The EAD Central search can be used, along with the NUCMC & OCLC combined search, to find primary source materials at repositories around the world. Use the top search box to search the wiki normally. For search tips, see the Search Tips and Tricks page.

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  • Archivopedia:Policies - Policies and rules of participation
  • Open for ALL to edit - unlike some other wikis, Archivopedia does not frown on contributing factual information about yourself or about an organization with which you are or were affiliated. Archivopedia encourages its contributors to "Write what you know."

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Archivopedia is not liable for the content posted by its users. Every effort will be made to resolve problems. Copyright infringement, or other serious violation, should be immediately reported to an administrator. Email: admin1[@] with "Report a Problem" in the subject line.


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