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List of Institutions and Organizations

To avoid ambiguity, use the authorized name from the Library of Congress Name Authority Files (LCNAF) database whenever possible.

  Programs that offer a degree in Archival Administration, archival specialization, or 
  archival component:
        # Colorado State University
        * East Tennessee State University
        * Kent State University
        * Long Island University
        * Louisiana State University
        * Loyola University Chicago
        * New York University
        * North Carolina State University
        * Pratt Institute
        * San Jose, State University
        * Simmons College
        * St. John's University
        * SUNY, Albany
        * Temple University
        * UCLA Moving Image Archive Studies | Home Page
        * University of Maryland
        * University of Michigan
        * University of Pittsburgh
        * University of South Carolina
        * University of Wisconsin, Madison
        * University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
        * Wayne State University
        * Western Washington University

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