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Collection Extension for MediaWiki


About the *Collection* Extension

The *Collection* extension for MediaWiki_ allows users to collect articles and generate PDFs for article collections and single articles.

The extension has been developed for and tested with MediaWiki_ version 1.11 and later.

The extension is being developed under the GNU General Public License by `PediaPress GmbH`_ in close collaboration with `Wikimedia Foundation`_ and the `Commonwealth of Learning`_.

Copyright (C) 2008, PediaPress GmbH

Bleeding-Edge Note

The code for this extension is currently in flux because we are in the transition process towards a *PDF generation server* that decouples PDF and ZIP file generation from the MediaWiki. As everything is pretty much "bleeding edge code" right now, please *do not* install mwlib and mwlib.rl from .egg files (e.g. via ``easy_install mwlib``), but pull the code from the Mercurial repostiories hosted at

Prerequisites: Install and Setup a PDF Server

PDF and ZIP file generation is done by a PDF Server, which can run separately from the MediaWiki installation and can be shared by different MediaWikis.

See ``README.txt`` in the ``pdf-server`` directory for further instructions how to setup a PDF server.

If you have a low-traffic MediaWiki you can use the public PDF Server running at In this case, just keep the configuration variable $wgPDFServer (see below) at its default value.

Installation and Configuration of the Collection Extension

  • Checkout the *Collection* extension from the Subversion repository into the
 ``extensions`` directory of your *MediaWiki* installation::
   cd extensions/
   svn co
  • Put this line in your ``LocalSettings.php``::
 and set the following global variables accordingly:
 *$wgPDFServer (string)*
  Set this to the URL of the PDF Server CGI script.
  The default is ``""``,
  a public PDF Server for low-traffic MediaWikis.
 *$wgCommunityCollectionNamespace (integer)*
  Namespace for "community collections", i.e. the namespace where non-personal
  article collection pages are saved.
  Example: If you keep the default, ``NS_MEDIAWIKI`` and have a non-localized
  (i.e. English) *MediaWiki* installation, collections are saved as subpages of
  Default is ``NS_MEDIAWIKI``.
 *$wgCollectionMaxArticles (integer)*
  Maximum number of articles allowed in a collection.
  Default is 500.
 *$wgSharedBaseURL (string)*
  Base URL (i.e. URL up to but not including ``index.php``/``api.php``) of a
  MediaWiki used for shared files.
  Default is ````
 *$wgLicenseArticle (string)*
  Title of an article containing the full license text for articles in this
  MediaWiki. For a Wikimedia Commons wiki this could be ``Wikipedia:GFDL``.
  Default is ``MediaWiki:GFDL``
  If your MediaWiki contains articles with different licenses, make sure
  that each article contains the name of the license and set $wgLicenseArticle
  to an article that contains all needed licenses.
  PDF files do not contain the actual title of this license article,
  but the value of the standard MediaWiki variable $wgRightsText (configurable
  in LocalSettings.php).
 *$wgPDFTemplateBlackList (string)*
  Title of an article containing blacklisted templates, i.e. templates that
  should be excluded for PDF generation.
  Default is ``MediaWiki:PDF Template Blacklist``
  • Just before the line::

<div class="portlet" id="p-tb">

 in the file ``skins/MonoBook.php`` of your *MediaWiki* installation insert
 the following code::

<?php if(isset($GLOBALS['wgSpecialPages']['Collection'])) { Collection::printPortlet(); } ?>

  • As the current collection of articles is stored in the session, the session
 timeout should be set to some sensible value (at least a few hours, maybe
 one day). Adjust session.cookie_lifetime and session.gc_maxlifetime in your
 ``php.ini`` accordingly.
  • Add a page ``Help:Collections`` with the wikitext from the supplied file
 ``Help_Collections.txt``. Adjust the name of the template blacklist according
 to your setting of $wgPDFTemplateBlackList (see above).

.. _MediaWiki:

.. _`PediaPress GmbH`:

.. _`Wikimedia Foundation`:

.. _`Commonwealth of Learning`:

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