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List of Online Full-text Books and Monographs

See also, Technical Handbooks and Guides and textbooks.

Many of these texts were not written with the Archivist or Librarian in mind, so the books have been categorized in applicable areas.

Some of the texts are open access. These should have an "Open Access" link added to them. If a print copy is desired, there should be an ISBN number to help locate the item. The WorldCat search tool also allows searching by ISBN. Try it!


E-Books: Archival Guides

This selection of materials reflects upon the roots of the archival profession in the field of history as well as the progression of the developement of the archival finding aid.

 SEE Finding aids 

E-books: Archival Studies

Archival Theory - United States

Nineteenth Century

  • Bartlett, Richard. 1837. Remarks and documents relating to the preservation and keeping of the public archives. Concord, MA: Asa M'Farland. | Open Access | Book Review

Twentieth Century

Twenty-first Century

Care of Audiovisual Materials

Case Studies

Digitization and Electronic Access

Encoded Archival Description

Email Regulations



E-books: Computer Science

Digital Security for Information Architects and Systems Professionals

Integrated Systems & Multiplatform Single Searches

Programming & Scripting for Systems Professionals

Networking for Systems Professionals

E-books: Internships

E-books: Library and Information Science


Circulation: Experimental Systems

Creating and Maintaining Wireless and Mobile Environments

Digital Library Management

Information Literacy

  • Scholarly work in the humanities and the evolving information environment. Open Access | Book Review

Patron Privacy

Political Stakeholders in a Digital Information Infrastructure

Reference Services

School Library & Media Studies

User Behaviors / Search Strategies

E-books: Museum Studies

E-books: Preservation

E-books: Public History

E-books: Web 2.0 / Library 2.0

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