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Richard J. Cox

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Early Life


Research Interests

"Archives and records management; history of archives, libraries and the information professions; public memory and archives, records, and library administration; archives, records management, and information policy and ethics." [1]


Associate Professor, Library and Information Science, University of Pittsburgh (?-Present)

Editor Records & Information Management Report (?-Present)

Publications Editor, Society of American Archivists (?-?)

Editor, American Archivist (1991-1995)

New York State Archives and Records Administration (?-?)

Alabama Department of Archives and History (?-?)

City of Baltimore (?-?)

Maryland Historical Society (?-?)


Arline Custer Memorial Award

Waldo Gifford Leland Award (1991 & 2002)

SAA Distinguished Fellow

In the News

"Is Hillary Rodham Clinton sitting on documents from her days as First Lady? That’s the insinuation Republican officials are making on the eve of the latest Democratic presidential debate. . . But Richard J. Cox, a professor of library and information science at the University of Pittsburgh, says that delays in releasing White House records is an issue that goes beyond the current crop of presidential contenders. Mr. Cox, who writes about archival matters on his blog, Reading Archives, is no fan of the current system, which keeps all records from the public for five years after the president leaves office."[1]


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