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Thomas James Connors

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His July 2002 artcle "discusses the issuance of the U.S. executive order 13233 which transferred the responsibility for approving access to presidential records from the archivist to the president."[1] This was followed by a second article in October of that same year on presidential papers wherein he "argues that information professionals and scholars who depend on reliable government information must understand theoretical issues and policy implications."[1] The paper discusses the "implications of U.S. President George W. Bush's issuance of executive order removing the power from the archivist of the U.S. to authorize access to presidential records and a lawsuit against the Bush administration for violating the Presidential Records Act."[1]

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  • Connors, Thomas James. 2002. "Preserving the Historical Record of American Labor:Union-Library Archival Services Partnerships, Recent Trends, and Future Prospects." Library Trends 51:1, 85-101.



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