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This Archivopedia Collection Link Project is a location guide to archival and museum collections in the field of biology. Network with users developing this page.
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Location Guide to Original Materials in Biology

The name of the collection is listed first. If the collection has been digitized, the title of the collection links to the scanned documents. If the collection focuses on an individual or individuals a biography is listed second. Generally the biography will be linked to a Wikipedia article unless no article could be found in which case another biographical source is idenfied. Lastly, there is a link to the finding guide to the collection. The finding guide will also contain a biographical statement in addition to a summary of the scope and contents of the items at hand including an inventory. Most finding guides also provide a name and subject index for the collection.research papers


  • Papers and Correspondence of Sir John Cowdery Kendrew at the University of Oxford, UK | Biography | Finding Guide

Biology Education

  • Deborah Anne Donovan collection, 2003-[ongoing] at Western Washington University | Biography | Curriculum Vitae | Finding Guide
  • David L. Alles collection, 2001-[ongoing] at Western Washington University | Biography | Finding Guide

Biology, Uncategorized

Move these individuals to appropriate categories.

  • Aulsey Thomas Olive Papers, 1954-1968 at Wake Forest University


Cellular Biology

Chemical and Physical Biology


  • Papers of T. H. Morgan | Biography | Finding Guide



  • Records of the Carnegie Department of Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Finding Guide
  • Reprint Collection of the Carnegie Department of Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Finding Guide

Marine Biology

  • Anna Ruth Brummett (1924-1985) Papers at Oberlin College | Biography | Finding Guide


  • Papers of Felix d'Hérelle | Biography | Finding Guide

Molecular Biology

  • Papers and Correspondence of William Thomas Astbury at the University of Leeds, UK | Biography | Finding Guide
  • Papers of Seymour Benzer | Biography | Finding Guide
  • Papers of Francis Crick | Biography | Finding Guide
  • Papers of Rosalind Franklin | Biography | Finding Guide
  • Papers of Frank Stahl | Biography | Finding Guide
  • James D. Watson Collection at Harvard University | Biography | Finding Guide
  • Papers of Maurice Wilkins | Biography | Finding Guide

Museum Biology Collections, General

  • Papers, 1912-1977 at the Smithsonian Institution


Plant Biology

  • Sax, Karl, 1892- . Papers of Karl Sax 1938-1959: A Finding Aid at Harvard University | Biography | Finding Guide


Radiation Biology

  • Hugo Fricke Collection at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Biography | Finding Guide

Technological Apparati

(See Also: Physicists)

  • Papers of Sir Lawrence Bragg at the Royal Institution of Great Britain (*all access restricted until 2021) | Biography | Finding Guide

University Biology Department Collections

  • Department of Biology and Public Health, Curriculum materials,

1925-1930, AC089 at MIT

  • Department of Biology Records, 1910-1933: Inventory | Finding Guide
  • Inventory of the Academic Departments Record Group, Biology Department, 1950-1990 at Wake Forest University | Finding Guide


  • Papers of Renato Dulbecco | Biography | Finding Guide


Additional Published Guides on Biology, A Chronological Listing

  • Joint Committee for the Survey of Sources for the History of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 1975. Survey of sources newsletter. Philadelphia: The Committee.
  • Bearman, David, John T. Edsall, Margaret Miller, and Matthew Konopka. 1980. Archival sources for the history of biochemistry and molecular biology a reference guide and report. Boston: American Academy of Arts and Sciences ; Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society.
  • Parascandola, John, and Elizabeth Keeney. 1983. Sources in the history of American pharmacology. Madison, Wis: American Institute of the History of Pharmacy.

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