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User Privacy

Information collected about users visiting the site are collected as part of normal server activity. Information about specific users, including email addresses, are not made publically available or sold. General and statistical information may be aggregated about groups of users, such as places of origin, user behaviors and trends. Any individual user identity will not be disclosed by Archivopedia LLC except as required by law.

Individuals may choose to make their email address available to other users to communicate with them. In this case, the user's email address they registered with will be displayed to the recipient of the email should they send an email. Both the sending and receiving of email is entirely voluntary, and can be changed at any time through the "Preferences" option.


A temporary cookie (retained for up to 30 days) is installed by MediaWiki for the purpose of facilitating log in and to enable the feature to record the user id of contributitors.


Archivopedia makes no claim protecting the security of information provided from unauthorized access. Users are expected to use strong passwords and not to share passwords with anyone.

User contributions

Users who contribute to the encyclopedia are publishing their responses. This includes all encyclopedia article pages, user pages, and talk pages. A record of each user's contributions is recorded as part of their "user contributions", and may not be completely removed from the system even if they are deleted, except as may be required by legal action.

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