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The Archivists of Second Life is a social group in a virtual reality environment called SecondLife. It is specifically designed for archivists to learn about applications for archives and archival materials in Second Life.



Membership is free.

Archivists of Second Life Meeting Place Image:Archivists of Second Life Sign.jpg

Second Life Tours

The group offers tours of Second Life conducted by a tour guide. The tours consist of places in Second Life related to archives and history. Tours are free.

Archivists of Second Life wiki

The Archivists of Second Life wiki is designed to serve as a forum for discussion for members of the group.

Archival Exhibits in Second Life

Additions in this section should use the following format:

 SLurl + Name of Exhibit | Location | Creator's SL name | Creator's RL name | Creation date
 Old Dutch Map Image:Christi Janus and His Map Exhibit - Smaller.jpg
 The Photographs of George Ashbrook Image:Archives House 001.jpg
 Women Working in Aeronautics & Astronautics 
 Image:Aero-Astro Sign.jpg
 Image:AeroAstro Archives Exhibit.jpg
 Image:Bessie Coleman.jpg

SLurls relevant to Archivists and Librarians


Name (required):



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