Ambacher, Bruce I.

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Bruce I. Ambacher


Early Life


  • Master's Degree in history from Pennsylvania State University in 1967.


Professional Contact Information

Professional Contributions

Bibliography -- Primary Works, A Chronology

  • Ambacher, Bruce I. 1967. American Review: a Whig journal of politics and literature 1845-1852. Thesis (M.A.)--Pennsylvania State University.
  • Ambacher, Bruce I. 1974. "The Pennsylvania origins of popular sovereignty". Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. 98: 339-352.
  • University of Texas at Arlington, Elliott West, and Bruce I. Ambacher. 1973. Report of the Self-Study Committee of the Department of History and Philosophy. Arlington, Tex: University of Texas at Arlington.
  • Bradsher, James Gregory, and Bruce I. Ambacher. 1992. Archival sampling: a method of appraisal and a means of retention. Technical leaflet series, no. 8. [S.l.]: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference.
  • Bollinger, Meg, Donald Sawyer, Bruce I. Ambacher, Kathryn D. Sullivan, and Mackenzie Smith. 2002. The OAIS imperative enduring record or digital dust? Steering by standards. Dublin, OH: OCLC.
  • Ambacher, Bruce I. 2003. Thirty years of electronic records. Lanham, Md: Scarecrow Press.


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